What to expect after lower eyelid fillers

What to expect after lower eyelid fillers

Injecting fillers under the eyes is a very difficult and nuanced procedure. Very few doctors perform these injections due to the complexities of treating this area. Although you will notice some changes in your appearance right away, it often takes several weeks to see the final results of the treatment.

Unlike filler injections elsewhere in the face, treating the area under the eye is usually not a one visit procedure. Everyone reacts a differently to the injections. Sometimes a little “tweaking” or additional filler is needed to optimize the results. It is very important that you return for your scheduled follow-up visits to complete the treatment process. The vast majority of patients end up very happy with their procedure but you may need to be patient to see the final outcome. There is no charge for follow-up appointments unless additional vials of filler are added.

The recovery process varies a lot between patients. Dr. Kapadia recommends patients take a few days off work for the procedure if possible. Everyone heals at difference speeds and there is no way to know ahead of time how you will do. You will probably look awful the day after treatment. Do not panic – things will get a lot better!

  1. Bruising is very common after the procedure and is sometimes be severe. Bruising usually peaks the following day and gets better slowly afterward. In most patients, bruising is gone or almost gone by two weeks after the procedure. In a small subset of patients (less than 1%), there can be prolonged bruising which takes months to resolve completely. This is uncommon, but when it happens the prolonged bruising is usually mild and can be covered easily with makeup.
  2. Swelling after the procedure usually peaks 1-2 days later. In most patients, the swelling is much better after 4-5 days, but there can be milder swelling which takes weeks to resolve completely.
  3. Under eye fillers can often look lumpy after the procedure. The lumpy appearance usually continues to improve over the 2-3 weeks after the procedure. Dr. Kapadia will likely recommend massaging the area if there is still lumpiness after several weeks and will show you how to do this correctly. Persistent lumps sometimes need to be dissolved with hyaluronidase, an enzyme used to dissolve injected filler.


Instructions for after the procedure

Ice for about 10 minutes of each hour while you are awake for the first two days. The ice should not be applied directly – use a towel or paper towels in between the ice and your skin. It should feel cool but not hurt. Swelling is worse when you lay flat so keep yourself upright as much as possible. Sleep upright in a chair for one to two nights if possible to minimize the swelling. We recommend no alcohol for 24 hours after the procedure, as it can thin your blood and make bruising worse. You shouldn’t do anything to raise your blood pressure for two days after the procedure. Avoid stress and vigorous exercise for two days after the procedure. If you have discomfort, you can take Tylenol, but avoid aspirin/ibuprofen/alleve/etc. which can thing your blood and make bruising worse. You can wear cover-up makeup right after the procedure to cover bruising. We recommend Dermablend, which is available at most Macy’s stores. If you have any questions – please call the office at 978-393-5437. If you need immediate attention after hours, call 617-636-5114 and ask to have the on-call eye doctor paged. You can also feel free to email questions or photos to Dr. Kapadia directly for non-urgent matters at [email protected]

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