COVID-19 testing center Tufts Medical Center

Welcome to my new (temporary) workplace. This is the entrance to the COVID-19 testing center at Tufts Medical Center.⠀

We are located a block away from the hospital emergency room at the Josiah Quincy Elementary School. The facilities team at the hospital has done a great job turning the school into a respiratory clinic including installing negative pressure ventilation. We screen and swab ambulatory patients who want to be tested for the virus at this facility to reduce the burden on the hospital emergency room.⠀

The numbers of people getting tested are increasing daily and we are working hard to be ready for an onslaught of patients in the coming weeks..⠀

If you live in the Boston area and have fever, cough or other potential symptoms of COVID-19 and want to be tested we are here for you. Note that you need to have symptoms to be tested at this time. We are not testing people without symptoms at this time.⠀

I am honored to help the hospital and the Boston community in this way. If you are not a healthcare worker or part of an essential business, please #stayathome. Social distancing is the only tool we have right now to reduce the spread of this disease.⠀

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